Welcome to PETROGAS

PETROGAS Process & Environmental Systems excels in the engineering, design, and manufacture of modular gas processing systems. PETROGAS has been serving the petroleum industry for over 30 years and has manufactured over 1,200 systems.

We are world-renowned for our expertise in Lean Oil Absorption, Natural Gas Refrigeration, Cryogenic, and Distillation technologies.

PETROGAS Gas Processing AND Dewpoint Control

PETROGAS offers standardized, skid mounted, natural gas processing modules with over 20 years of proven performance. Four basic type systems have been fully engineered to offer the highest recovery rates at the lowest capital and operating cost. PETROGAS has a system to fit your needs and operating conditions. The PETROGAS standard system options allow you to customize your natural gas recovery system at a fraction of the cost of a custom
fabricated plant.

Gas Processing Technology

Since a single technology does not fit all applications, PETROGAS developed Lean Oil Absorption, Refrigeration, Carbon Adsorption, Cryogenic, and Turboexpander type systems.

Having developed all of the effective vapor recovery methods, PETROGAS is able to offer our clients the technology best suited for the application, without bias.