PETROGAS Systems Gas Processing

Who We Are

PETROGAS is a privately-owned company formed in 1975 that offers unique process technologies to the oil and gas producing industry. Modular plants are designed and manufactured to be able to be installed quickly for the recovery of propane and heavier hydrocarbon vapors from natural gas.

PETROGAS is a growth company with a solid financial base. The quality of our staff of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Refrigeration professional engineers is beyond compare within the industry.  PETROGAS always offers the best field-proven technology at the most cost-effective price.

PETROGAS’ headquarters and manufacturing facility are both located 45 miles south of Houston, Texas in historical Brazoria County.

We are Committed to Technology

Since a single technology does not fit all applications, PETROGAS developed Lean Oil Absorption, Refrigeration, Carbon Adsorption, Cryogenic, and Turbo expander type systems. Having developed many effective vapor recovery methods, PETROGAS is able to offer our clients the technology best suited for the application, without bias.

The passage of the Clean Air Act in the USA created a market for the same technology to be applied to the recovery of vapors from an air mixture.

We are fully qualified to provide electrical, instrumentation, and UL Approved Control Panels.

PETROGAS has manufactured in excess of 1,200 systems since our formation. PETROGAS systems are owned and operated throughout the world.