Marine Vapor Control Loading Terminals

PETROGAS offers turnkey marine vapor control systems: design, fabrication, data package, and U.S. Coast Guard certification to meet 33 CFR 154.800 specifications.

PETROGAS absorption systems are in operation throughout the world and have loading rates of 1,000 to 80,000 barrels per hour. Advantages of the PETROGAS Lean Oil Absorption System are:

  • Lowest pressure drop-through the system.
  • Lowest initial capital cost.
  • Lowest maintenance cost.
  • Lowest operating cost.
  • Insensitive to variations in composition.
  • Insensitive to variations in flow.

The Absorption System consists of only five equipment components. Incineration systems require a minimum of ten components. Incineration is a prime contributor of CO, CO2 and NOx contaminating emissions in the atmosphere. An Absorption System produces no contaminating emissions. All vapors are recovered as a marketable liquid. The value of the recovered liquids often pays for the operating cost of vapor control.