Vapor Recovery During Truck Loading


The PETROGAS system reduces costs by only operating a single pump when the truck rack is active, and becoming dormant when the truck rack is inactive.

Vapors are recovered as liquids, returned to the storage tank, and turned into profits.

Safe Operation

PETROGAS systems are fire-safe. There are no open or enclosed flames. The all-electric PETROGAS system is even safe for operation within the tank farm or in close proximity of the truck rack.

Remote and Unmanned Operation

Order a PETROGAS system for any application where remote or unmanned operation is required. All PETROGAS units are designed to automatically start, operate, and stop.

Handles Any Level of Rack Activity

Truck racks operate at unpredictable times and at various volume levels. Unique technology allows the PETROGAS system to handle maximum vapor emissions all the way down to the lowest emission level. This means that the PETROGAS system performs consistently throughout the spectrum.

Our one system can handle storage tanks, truck racks, and railcar and marine loading.  If your truck rack is integrated with storage tanks producing emissions, why not buy one system to handle all emissions? Instead of installing numerous VRUs at the various points of emissions, let PETROGAS simplify your emissions recovery problems with a Consolidated Vapor Recovery System. PETROGAS can show you how to conserve your investment dollars by installing one central processing unit and remote vapor absorbers at the point of vapor collection.

Compare the costs of multiple VRUs or the costs of routing vapor gases in large diameter pipes to a central flare or thermal incinerator versus the PETROGAS system of moving only the recovered liquids in small diameter piping. PETROGAS can easily show you how you can save money up front and over time. PETROGAS allows you to recover the valuable liquid that can be converted into pure profit.