Biodiesel Production Units

PETROGAS offers continuous biodiesel processing modules to convert degummed crude soybean oil into methyl ester or biodiesel. A pretreatment module can be added to use higher FFA feedstocks in the PETROGAS process module.


The PETROGAS process is simple and employs the latest in processing technology in a packaged plant. The processing module contains a main reactor, methyl ester/glycerol separator, methanol flash unit (for continuous recycling of feedstock methanol), water wash for methyl esters, glycerol/water separator, and a water pH balance unit. All pumps and motors are included, along with the necessary process controls. Process logic controllers are available for an additional cost. A glycerin/methanol distillation module can be added to the system to remove methanol from crude glycerin. Ancillary equipment (tanks, loading systems, control room, etc) is not included.

PETROGAS uses all electric heat, with low emissions and trouble-free operation, for biodiesel production. Biodiesel process skids are manufactured and tested by PETROGAS. Biodiesel production skids are factory tested through a trial test. All plants come with certification that the biodiesel produced meets the typical ASTM or DIN standards. Packaged plants are shipped with a 12-month warranty on defective parts or workmanship.

Biodiesel production units meet all applicable construction standards, including UL and ASTM codes. PETROGAS is also compliant with all environmental standards in the USA or foreign countries.

Benefits of PETROGAS Biodiesel Production Units

Fast Service Time

PETROGAS currently has a 24 to 28-week construction schedule for biodiesel modules. PETROGAS ships a complete module that has been tested and is ready for operation.

Simple Site Construction

You provide your own construction, including tankage and loading systems. Site construction takes place while PETROGAS is building the processing module. Our Modules are self-contained and self-heating, so they do not require placement in a building.

Optional Add-on or Stand-Alone Equipment

Although the base system contains a methanol recovery loop that recycles the excess methanol from the biodiesel, you can also add-on additional modules to:

  • Pretreat High FFA Material: Allow the use of lower-cost feedstock
  • Methanol Distillation: Take in methanol to clean and recycle
  • Glycerin/Methanol Distillation/Separation: Improve glycerin values, reduce HAZMAT concerns
  • Optional Equipment: Substitute Ion Resin Exchange for water wash, substitute hot oil or steam boiler for electric heat
  • Process Logic Controller: Monitor or control the modules locally or in a control room

Package Size

One (1) Complete Skid measuring 14’ W x 11’ H x 40’ (shipping size)

Tanks and Loading

You provide the following:

  1. Inputs:  Power (440/480V 3 Phase AC), Water, Soybean Oil, Methanol, Catalyst, Water Treatment Chemicals
  2. Outputs:  Biodiesel, Glycerol mixture for further processing, Treated Water, Tanks, Loading and Unloading Facilities
  3. Quick Installation:   PETROGAS fabricates modules under controlled conditions in a 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.  Installation and hook up is quick and easy and can be completed in less than 10 days

Certified Operation

No need for expensive on-site testing and operator training. PETROGAS will test and train your operators in our manufacturing plant in Texas.  Your plant would be certified to meet biodiesel quality standards, and your staff would be certified to operate the plant.

Lower Costs

PETROGAS manufactures a complete biodiesel-processing module for 35 – 57 cents per gallon of annual capacity.