Today's ecologically-aware environment and politically proactive legislation has dramatically changed how we evaluate chemical processing. Climate change is a reality, and for our protection, the EPA has passed stricter laws not only for vehicles, but also refineries, steel mills, power plants, and more. RFS2 has generated unprecedented opportunities for Advanced Biofuels to lead the way to a cleaner environment via various incentives and tax credits. USDA has initiated their own programs that promote incredibly productive synergies between the agricultural (farming) communities and Biorefineries that produce Advanced Biofuels.

Advanced Biofuels

PETROGAS' researchers have taken note and developed innovative Carbon Capture and Recycling technology that is not only cost-effective, but profitable.  Our "drop-in", modular technology converts CO2 and other emissions from liabilities into valuable products:

  • CO &CO2 -> Alcohol, Renewable Hydrocarbons
  • CO &CO2 -> Power Production
  • CH4 -> Alcohol, Renewable Hydrocarbons and/or Power Production
  • Biogas -> Alcohol, Renewable hydrocarbons and/or Power Production
  • C2+ VOC's -> Alcohol, Renewable Hydrocarbons and/or Power Production
  • Glycerine [Glycerol] (C3H5(OH)-> Propane (C3H8) and/or Power Production
  • NOx -> Fertilizer
  • SOx -> Sulfuric Acid

While each project is unique, all of PETROGAS' Carbon Capture and Recycling technology is modular, with “drop-in” utility.  It is designed to work in concert with PETROGAS' Vapor Recovery and Gas Processing technology. In most cases, this technology is compatible with fossil fuel-fired processes, bringing them into compliance with recent legislation and also adding substantial value to the bottom line. And in many cases, it may be eligible for "Carbon Credits.”

Additionally, in processes where the original feedstock was biomass, the resulting valuable products are considered to be Advanced Biofuels and/or Cellulosic Alcohol.  They are eligible for a number of tax credits and payments, including Renewable Energy Production credits in the case of Power Production. This adds even more value to the bottom line.


PETROGAS' Carbon Capture and Recycling technology can make project permitting processes much easier, because as we can demonstrate virtually zero-emissions with respect to CO, CO2, CH4, C2+ VOC's, NOx and SOx (where applicable). Benefits of PETROGAS' CARBON CAPTURE and EMISSIONS RECYCLING SYSTEM (ERS) Technology:

  • Transforms emissions and unwanted by-products into valuable chemicals and processes.
  • In many cases, there is a substantial increase in process efficiency as a result of the technology.
  • All of the technology is modular, with “drop-in” utility.
  • In many cases, the resulting products are eligible for tax credits and incentives, including Advanced Biofuels payments.
  • PLC capability is available for remote monitoring and control.