Natural Gas Processing And Dew Point Control

Modular gas processing system.Gas processing plants are intended to help you meet pipeline sales specifications and/or recover valuable marketable liquids from natural gas. PETROGAS has been a recognized leader since 1975 in the design, manufacturing, and operation of gas liquids recovery Mini-Plants. Many natural gas purchasers restrict the liquid content of natural gas entering a gathering system. The restrictions are expressed as thermal value (BTU) and/or pentanes and heavier content. These restrictions are intended to prevent the dangerous condensation and accumulation of liquids in gas transmission lines.

Based on economics, two variables determine whether a gas stream qualifies for liquids recovery through natural gas processing: (1) the rate of flow of the gas; and (2) its composition.

The following are estimates of the amount of liquids recoverable from gas:


3000 24 Storage Tanks
2000 12 Heater Treater
1500 5 Casting Head
1300 3 LP Separator
1200 2 Gas Wells



Jovle-Thompson System
Refrigeration Systems Liquids Recovery
Lean Oil Absorption
Turbo expander System


Gas Wells

Natural Gas that does not meet pipeline specifications concerning high gas liquids may be conditioned using a PETROGAS Mini Plant. Operators are not fully compensated for liquid components of a natural gas stream. PETROGAS NGL Recovery Plants allow the lease operator to recover liquids prior to the sale of gas. Are your gas sales restricted? Produce and sell more when you recover liquids.

Gas Gathering Systems

Gas pipeline flow rates may be too low to justify a custom-constructed plant. PETROGAS NGL Recovery Plants cost less because they are standardized, factory-assembled skid modules. Reserve life too short for a custom gas processing plant? PETROGAS Plants can be easily moved when the location is no longer economical. Casing Head Gas System economies can be greatly improved by liquids recovery. Casing Head gas is normally rich in recoverable liquids.

Injection Gas Stripping

When gas is injected into a formation for storage or re-pressurization, removal of liquids will reduce equipment maintenance and potential formation blockage. Recovered liquids generate income immediately, not just as a possible future reserve. Gas lift recycled gas is more effective when the gas liquids are removed, and it produces extra revenue, too!

Process Gas

Plants receiving fuel from unprocessed sources will encounter excessive maintenance of boilers, injection jets, and carbonation of engines. Maintenance can be reduced and additional revenues generated by liquids removal using a PETROGAS NGL Recovery Plant. Improve the quality of METHANE-ETHANE feed stock by the controlled removal of Propane-Butane-Gasoline. Produce a source of Propane-Butane-Gasoline for local consumption.

Fuel Gas Cleaning

Produced natural gas is often too rich in heavier hydrocarbons to be used effectively as a fuel for internal combustion engines. The heavier hydrocarbon components, pentanes, hexanes, and heavier will cause excessive carbon deposits and foul engine fuel injection systems, cylinders, etc. Excessively high BTU or pentanes+ fuel gases may void your engine warranty or restrict rentals of natural gas-driven equipment, i.e. compressors, generators, etc. PETROGAS offers Fuel Gas Cleaning Systems to remove propane + and give you a fuel gas that will be clean-burning and will reduce engine maintenance.

Flared or Vented

Vented or flared low pressure gas from the well's casing head, separators, treater, and tank battery can also be important. These wasted natural gases can be processed through a PETROGAS NGL Recovery Plant and yield sizeable revenues to the operator.

Tank Vapor Recovery

Tank vapors emitted into the atmosphere are a significant source of lost revenue as well as an air pollutant. Recovery by compression has proven to be costly and ineffective. The vapors, when compressed, return to a liquid state in the pipeline or separator and again vaporize if returned to low pressure storage. Vapors recovered by a PETROGAS Mini-Plant are sold as liquids.