Lean Oil Absorption

Dew point control and lean oil absorption system.A gas with hydrocarbon vapors enters the bottom of an ABSORBER column,  flows upward, and comes in contact with the counter-flowing LEAN OIL system. The LEAN OIL preferentially absorbs the vapors from the gas, becoming ENRICHED OIL.

RICH OIL is sent to a STRIPPER where the absorbed vapors are removed by heating the RICH OIL and vaporizing the absorbed vapors. The rich oil is regenerated as lean oil and is recycled to the ABSORBER to complete the process loop. The vaporized vapors are liquefied and transferred to storage.

PETROGAS Absorption Systems are designed to operate continuously, or intermittently, in a fully automatic mode. PETROGAS offers a basic system, with options to allow each unit to be customized to meet your unique specifications at a fraction of the cost of a custom-designed and fabricated system.

PETROGAS systems have proven superior efficiency in the recovery of hydrocarbons and chemicals from vapor streams. PETROGAS Absorption Systems are supplied as complete factory package units on a structural skid, including instrumentation, piping, and electrical.

Natural Gas Streams

Lean oil absorption system used to process natural gas and oil. Gas absorption is an operation in which a soluble component of a gas is dissolved in a liquid.

The PETROGAS absorbent liquid (Lean Oil) selectively absorbs propanes+, or other selected components, from a natural gas stream.  This is performed either in accordance with the client specifications for meeting pipeline specifications (by control of the BTU or reduction of the pentanes+) or for the economic benefit of the spread between selling liquids as a gas or as a liquid.

The PETROGAS Model A System is available to process natural gas stream flow rates of 5 mcfd to 50 mmcfd.