Vapor Particulate Filter

Cleaning of Dock Safety Skid Detonation Arrestors is an expensive maintenance requirement when using a marine vapor control system. The use of strainers and filters has always been prohibitive because they only add another level of equipment to be cleaned, and they increase the system pressure drop, which affects the design and back-pressure on the marine vessel being loaded. Now, a NEW VAPOR FILTER, having no pressure drop and designed specifically for marine vapor control systems, is available from PETROGAS Environmental Systems, Inc. The filtering elements are not in the vapor flow path and can be serviced without affecting the loading operation. The new PETROGAS filter can significantly reduce or eliminate the cleaning and replacement costs of detonation arrestors.

Advantages of PETROGAS Vapor Filter

  • Self-contained
  • Easy to install
  • Requires only 36" x 40" of dock space
  • Interconnects directly between your vapor hose and dock safety skid inlet.

A PETROGAS filter is available for your inspection, test operation, and evaluation at no cost, and can be conducted at your terminal.

Contact PETROGAS today to arrange for a demonstration and trial period.