Gas Flare Reduction Technology

Governments around the world are beginning to ban the gas flares that have been common since petroleum refining began. Gas flaring has been linked to chronic health problems and destruction of the environment and is a huge contributor to air pollution. Furthermore, it is an incredible waste of valuable natural resources that can be directly transformed into profits on the bottom line.

PETROGAS manufactures Gas Processing equipment that removes the valuable C3+ liquids from the gas stream while preserving the methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) for Power Production and/or further liquid fuels synthesis.

For example, the following is a gas analysis from an existing gas flare:
Assuming a flow of 500,000 Standard Cubic Feet per Day (500K SCFD), the PETROGAS R-500 Gas Processing Module will produce 982 Gallons per Day (3,712 Liters per Day) of C3+ Liquid Fuels. In addition, it preserves the methane and ethane in a separate stream making it available for Power Generation (over 2MW in this example) and/or further liquid fuels (methanol, diesel, gasoline and kerosene) synthesis. Using PETROGAS’ advanced synthesis technology, the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) can be transformed into fuels and/or valuable chemicals such as ammonia and/or fertilizer.

Lastly, PETROGAS Gas Processing removes a significant source of CO, CO2 and CH4 pollution (as well as NO?) and may be eligible for Carbon Credits under the Kyoto Accords. Using the example above, if we only removed the CO2 in the gas stream, it would be the equivalent of removing about 690 Metric Tonnes each year of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.